About us

At GO DESi we are building a packaged food brand sourced, processed and branded at the farm gate with the aim of increasing share of marginal farmers in the food value chain.

We do this by working with the existing infrastructure of farmer cooperatives and SHG’s. Despite having adequate financial resources, access to capital and great products, very few farmer cooperatives are able to scale primarily because of lack of access to markets, this is where GO DESi comes in.

We have developed a plug N play model where we identify potential packaged food products, standardise the quality, package, brand them and plug them in our existing distribution network.

We aim to create impact through the following outputs:

  • Scale for the products sold by farmer cooperatives, FPO’s and hence higher incomes
  • Higher realisation for farmers by moving them up the value chain from commodity to a product
  • Creation of sustainable economic centres in rural areas